Clove is a spice us Jamaicans love to use. It's mainly used for cooking purposes but also has great skin and hair benefits. 

1. Removes acne marks: It can be applied topically for scars and blemishes to the skin. Helps with the removal of dead skin cells under the skin. 

2. Removes harmful bacteria: Helps with the removal of pimples since it contains anti bacterial properties. Applying cloves helps the tightening process of skin. 

3. Antiseptic Properties: It's a natural antiseptic that will help to relieve pain from marks on the skin. It also reduces redness and itchiness from your skin. It also reverses the breakdown of skin.

4.Gives health to the skin: It's very rich in antioxidants than most products. It contains potassium, vitamin A, iron and essential minerals for the skin.

5. Treats Pain: Good for treating insect bites. Helps with soreness and cures cuts on the skin.

6. Makes skin soft and supple: It gives relief from anxiety and induces sleep which is important for healthy glowing skin. It makes the skin soft and supple by treating the major cause of unhealthy skin which is anxiety.

Hair growth: Cloves have so many benefits on the hair. It treats hair loss and prevents breakage thus allowing the hair to grow. It also refreshes hair color and makes the hair feel rejuvenated. It will make the hair soft and shiny.