10 Amazing Benefits Of Dead Sea Salt That You Never Knew About

The Dead Sea is one of the earth’s saltiest bodies of water, and throughout history, it has been praised for its healing properties and therapeutic qualities.

Since ancient times, people have used salt deposits from the Dead Sea to treat a multitude of illnesses and skin conditions naturally. But what sets this type of salt apart from all the others?

Dead sea salt contains a high volume of rich minerals, including magnesium, bromide, sulfur, zinc, and sodium, which, when absorbed, all reap many health and beauty benefits.

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Listed below are just 10 of the countless ways you can experience the perks for yourself by simply adding Dead Sea salt into your daily self-care routine.

Soak your way to enhanced hydration.

Salt might be one of the last things that comes to mind when you think of hydration–but did you know that the unique mineral composition of Dead Sea salt can actually help moisturize and replenish your skin?

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Dead Sea Salt is rich in magnesium, which according to dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD, boosts the hydration process by strengthening the lipid barrier of the skin.

If you suffer from dry skin, the nourishing effects of a dead sea salt bath can help restore your body’s natural moisture content.

Buff away the rough stuff.

The slightly abrasive texture of Dead Sea salt makes it a gentle, yet effective, exfoliator. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which, as explained by Deborah Burns for the Huffington Post, can clog your pores and make your skin look dull.

When used a scrub, salt accelerates your skin’s renewal process to reveal a smoother, healthier surface. So, the next your skin needs a little pick-me-up, get creative and try making your own DIY salt scrub instead of using a store-bought product to tackle those rough areas of your body!

Fight back against chronic skin conditions.

The combination of minerals in Dead Sea salt has worked miracles on dry, itchy skin associated with common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

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A Healthline article by Valencia Higuera credits elements zinc, bromide, and magnesium for being able to reduce inflammation and boost hydration while keeping away any allergenic microbes that may cause your skin to react negatively.

When penetrated into your skin, these minerals relieve itch and provide long-lasting moisture, helping to soothe away those pesky dry patches for good!

Recover like one of the pros.

The healing properties of Dead Sea salt can help relax muscle cramps and relieve soreness, making salt baths a popular pain-relief method among top athletes everywhere.

Qualified pharmacist Niraj Naik explains that the bromide and sodium found in Dead Sea salt reduce the discomfort associated with muscle aches and stiffness. This makes the salt an all-natural way to decompress and ease your body’s tension after a long, hard day.

Watch blemishes disappear right before your eyes.

Thanks to small traces of sulfur, Dead Sea salt is wonderful for cleaning the surface of the skin. According to dermatology experts, sulfur is an excellent topical cleaner and disinfectant.

It offers a gentle alternative to combat oily skin and treat acne. Are your pores the problem? Try making a simple dead sea salt toner to minimize their appearance dramatically over time.

Kick your dandruff shampoo to the curb.

The sodium and sulfur in Dead Sea salt can help rid your scalp of embarrassing dandruff. The salt helps loosen and remove existing flakes while promoting healthy circulation for a clear scalp.

It also absorbs excess moisture and prevents yeast overgrowth to combat the problem at the source, so you can dare to wear black again!

Make them second guess your age.

If you have ever caught yourself staring in the mirror and wishing you could turn back time, you will be delighted to hear that Dead Sea salt has many proven anti-aging benefits!

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Keeping your skin properly moisturized is the key to a youthful, radiant glow the minerals in Dead Sea salt help the skin retain water and keep it moisturized.

More moisture in the skin better exfoliates, hydrates, detoxifies and softens the surface, allowing your skin to literally fight against the effects of aging.

Regular use as part of your daily face-care routine can lead to a reduction in the appearance of existing wrinkles and even prevent new ones from forming.

Win the battle against bad breath.

Sulfur causes bad breath, while zinc neutralizes it. Since bad breath is linked to mineral deficiencies, incorporating a mineral-rich Dead Sea salt rinse into your regular oral regimen can banish bad breath and fight off halitosis effectively.

Say goodbye to cellulite .

The minerals found in Dead Sea salt aid in detoxifying your body, both inside and out. Once released, these minerals also increase blood flow and optimize the metabolic process of the skin cells and tissue.

This can help improve the overall look of your skin, and, in some cases, even minimize the appearance of unwanted cellulite.

Sport beachy waves all year round.

We all love the way our hair looks after a day at the beach, but for most of us, the summer eventually ends. When the winter blues have got you down, try refreshing your spirit a bit–starting with your hair.

When added to a few simple household ingredients, Dead Sea salt can be made into a high-quality texturizing hair spray.

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The waves that will form as a result are sure to rival your best beachy-hair day so much so that that you won’t be missing the warm weather for too long!

Final Thoughts About Sea Salt

Dead sea salt has a mineral content that is far different from that of any other salt, and it’s no secret why its beauty benefits date far back into ancient history.

These essential minerals help hydrate, exfoliate, and cleanse our bodies, thereby treating the skin and improving its overall appearance.

Whether you can benefit from several or just one of the helpful uses listed above, I advise you to give them a try for yourself. Different things work for different people, so see which ones work best for you– or get creative and try something of your own!

Remember, don’t be afraid to experiment with homemade products to keep your skin free from any harsh chemicals that are often added during the manufacturing process. You’ll be seeing results in no time!